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Do You Require Power Over Ethernet (PoE) for Hosted PBX Solution?

The differences between VoIP hosted PBX and traditional telephony solutions are as extreme as night and day, with the hosted PBX offering the far superior option. A hosted PBX solution is much more cost-effective, easier to manage, and allows for increased telecommunications. However, there are certain areas where the traditional …

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5 Ways AI is Advancing Team Collaboration in Business

The practice of using artificial intelligence and machine learning for “cognitive collaboration” is now becoming the center of the conversation. More now than ever, businesses are beginning to rely on AI and machine learning to advance their goals. Here is a list of list of how cognitive collaboration will affect …

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phone system upgrade

6 Key Considerations: Is It Time To Upgrade Your Business Phone System?

With all of the email programs, instant messaging programs, and even social media, we still require phones as a way to communicate in business. Phones are an effective and more personalized form of communication for businesses around the world. An average business will update and replace their phone system typically …

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enterprise voip

Guide To Beginning With Enterprise VoIP

There are different opinions regarding the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or IP (Internet Protocol) telephone services within the communications industry today. Perspectives vary much dependent on which provider or vendor you are speaking with. It is essential to consider different issues when planning any type of IP integration or …

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unified commnunications

Unified Communications And Collaboration Definitive Guide 

As VOIP continues to rise, business communications are entering into an age very quickly where a wide range of digital tools that allow teams to work together digitally in order to get work done effectively. Perhaps you might have heard of “Unified Communications and Collaboration” while you are going about …

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digital transformation sd-wan

SD-WAN Provides Digital Transformation To Your Next-Gen Branch 

The days when branch offices had to rely on fixed MPLS connections to backhaul all data, workflows, and internet traffic back to a core-network are fortunately over. To compete in the digital economy of today, branch offices have to become integral parts of a network, instead of trying to function …

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telco trends

2019 Telecom Trends And Priorities

In 2019, telecommunication companies are under increased pressure to invest in various technology while at the same time needing to focus on coming up with new business models for monetizing 5G as well as other potential opportunities. After 5G becomes available, there will be significant opportunities to generate revenue in …

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