VoIP vs. SIP: Which Is Best And What Is The Difference?

There is a lot more involved in today’s business communication other than voice calls. However, phones are an essential tool still for communications. Many different technologies are used by professionals to communicate. On any given day, it is common for an employee to use video conferencing, text, chat, mobile apps, …

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How Much Bandwidth Does VoIP Use Per Call?

Voice over Internet Protocol calls, or commonly known as VoIP calls have gradually become one of the most preferred substitutes of the traditional landline phone calls in recent times. Enterprises, across the globe, are adopting it for their communication needs as it comes with a variety of advantages like flexibility, …

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What Is The Purpose of RTP In VoIP

Did you know many of us, use VoIP on daily basis? Surprised! Yes, every time we use our phones, tabs, laptop, or pc to make calls using Skype, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or Teamviewer, we are using VoIP applications. Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that transports voice communication and …

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non fixed voip

What Does Non Fixed VoIP Phone Mean?

Voice over Internet Protocol, typically known as VoIP, enables you to make your phone calls over an internet connection instead of a traditional fixed landline. With increased internet speeds over the years, this technology has also gained a lot of popularity. It has also proved to be one of the …

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pri vs sip

PRI vs SIP: Which Is The Best Solution For Your Business?

When it comes to phone systems to use in your business, your choices will be based on two categories — the Session Initiation Protocol, which is associated with the delivery of Voice-Over-IP (VoIP). Then there is the Primary Rate Interface (PRI) that handles the traditional telephony systems. Companies have realized …

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Why You Need Automatic Call Distribution

An automatic call distribution system, also called an automatic call center, is a telephone device that automatically answers and dispenses outgoing calls to different groups of agents or terminals in an organization. The system enables the operator to make decisions about the number of calls that should be answered, the …

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How to Find the Best Call Forwarding Services

Call forwarding has been a popular service for telecommunication companies in providing customers with a number of options. It is often a good idea to take advantage of the different options provided by such a service, because it can help you make use of some features you might not have …

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12 Questions You Should Ask Before You Choose A Hosted PBX Provider

Choosing the correct Hosted PBX can get tricky. You want the best, affordable phone system for your business. But the terms Hosted PBX, VoIP, and The Cloud can be confusing for the average business, especially a startup. Chances are, you won’t have the time to educate yourself sufficiently on these …

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Do You Require Power Over Ethernet (PoE) for Hosted PBX Solution?

The differences between VoIP hosted PBX and traditional telephony solutions are as extreme as night and day, with the hosted PBX offering the far superior option. A hosted PBX solution is much more cost-effective, easier to manage, and allows for increased telecommunications. However, there are certain areas where the traditional …

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