Call Center

7 Reasons to Switch to Cloud-Based Contact Center

Most companies have, for many years, been using most of their contact center products on-site. The recent years and developments have however seen more and more companies embrace cloud-based software, with only of them still using on-premise versions of the same. Avaya is an excellent example of companies that uses …

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call center agent performance

How to Improve Call Center Agent Performance

The key to driving a good business is keeping your customer satisfied. The relationship between a company and its customer is not limited to selling a product. A good business entity will always ensure providing impeccable after-sales service to their customers. The image of a company is also affected by …

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How To Improve Call Center Customer Service

As it is said, “without the customer, there is no company”, a well-defined call center customer service experience can boost any business to reach greater heights. The customer being the only boss of the company expects an improved call center customer service experience. Customer’s experience with the call center has …

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