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Barrie area code covers the major portion of north-western and central Ontario. The cities which come in the scope are North Bay, Sudbury, Peterborough, etc. The area code assigned to this region is called 705. The prime reason for this area code coming into existence was the increased demand for numbers which caused it to be separated from other surrounding area codes and formed as a standalone new area code.

North American Numbering Plan (NAPN) has assigned the area code 705 for the major portion of north-western and central Ontario in Canada. It was introduced in the year of 1957 after the split of two area codes 613 and 519. After a reduction in geographic coverage, there was another overlay area code 249 was assigned to it in the year 2011. A third area code 683 was introduced and added again in 2022.

In 1947, after the initial draft of the North American Numbering Plan (NAPN), the province of Ontario was assigned two area codes – 416 and 613. The southern part of the province was assigned area code 416 and it got split in the year 1953 and new area code 519 was introduced in the western region of the Ontario province. Again in 1957, some portions of both 613 and 519 were combined and assigned a new area code 705 which covered almost all of north and west Ontario of the golden horseshoe.

Then came the year 1962, when the numbering plan reduced the geographic coverage of area code 705 with the introduction of a new area code 807 for north-western Ontario. Though the numbers for the area code 705 were not exhausted yet the authorities felt that it was a prudent decision keeping in view the calls routing from Manitoba and remaining western Canada to the north-western Ontario.

Post this, in the year 2011, 705 was assigned an overlay area code 249 to tackle the increase in the demand for new telephone numbers. This is also the time when the ten-digit dialing system was introduced and followed since then. This is to be noted that CNAC (Canadian Numbering Administration Consortium) also considered removing 807 & 705 boundaries and then making the area code 807 an overlay for the northern part of Ontario which could have resulted in the reversal of the 1962 split. However, the idea was later dropped to avoid confusion in the minds of users.

In the year 2017, another overlay area code 683 was provisioned as a reserved overlay code for the area. After much deliberation, it was finally activated for the region on 18th June 2022. When it comes to the incumbent local exchange carrier for these area codes, it is primarily Bell Canada. There are other carriers like Northern telephone, Eastlink, Bell Aliant (Ontera), and Nexicom co-exist as well. Other than these, there are some local municipally-owned carriers as well which serve in the region.

Some key facts about area code 705

City, Province, Country

It primarily serves Sudbury as the major city including other cities Barrie, Peterborough, and more in the north-western Ontario (ON) in Canada (CA)

Canada’s Dialling Code:

+1 is the dialing code of Canada.


This area code is located in the eastern time zone also known as America/New_York. It follows EST (Eastern Standard Time) and from mid-march to early November, it follows EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) when daylight saving time is observed.

Standard Time: GMT – 5.00 hours

Daylight saving time: +1:00 hour

Introduction date: It came into existence on the 1st of January, 1957.

Nearby Area Codes:

907 for Alaska, 231 for Muskegon, MI / 289, 365, 905 for Hamilton, ON / 807 for Kenora, ON / 989 for Saginaw, MI / 906 for Marquette, MI / 343, 613 for Ottawa, ON / 416, 437, 647 for Toronto, ON / 534, 715 for Eau Claire, WI / 819, 873 for Sherbrooke, QC, 867 for Northern Canada, 920 for Green Bay, WI / 226, 519, 548 for London, ON

Landline v/s Wireless Ratio:

Landline holds a major share of 78% whereas 22% share is with the wireless.

Assigned v/s Non-Assigned Ratio:

There are only 6% are available to be assigned and 94% are already assigned.