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Area code 519 has been assigned to most of south-western Ontario, Canada. This area code is also referred to a lot of times as the Brantford area code. It is the main area code which was created in the year 1953 from the south-western side of area code 613 and the western side of area code 416. Again then in the year 1957, some part of 519 and some part of 613 formed the area code 705. 519 has two overlay area codes as well – 226 & 548.

The first overlay code 226 was created in the year 2006 with the growing numbers in the area. This was the time when a ten-digit dialing system was also mandated. This system mandated people to enter the area code and then the local number even for the local calls within the area. Again in the year 2015, another overlay area code 548 was added. Now, as a fourth overlay code, 382 has been reserved for the region.

The main incumbent local exchange carrier i.e. ILEC is Bell Canada for all the three area codes. There are other independent providers which are covering vast tracts of rural Ontario as well. In the year 1997 when the competition was mandated, other competitive local exchange carriers also started serving in the region.

Some Key Facts about the area code 519

City & Province

It primarily serves southwestern Ontario, Canada including the city of London in Ontario.

Canada’s Dialling Code:

+1 is the dialing code of Canada.


This area code is located in the eastern time zone also known as America/New_York. It follows EST (Eastern Standard Time) and from mid-march to early November, it follows EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) when daylight saving time is observed.

Standard Time: GMT – 5.00 hours

Daylight saving time: +1:00 hour

Introduction date: It came into existence on the 1st of January 1953.

Nearby Area Codes:

248, 947 for Troy, MI / 249, 705 for Sudbury, ON / 289, 365, 905 for Hamilton, ON / 313 for Detroit, MI / 419, 567 for Toledo, OH / 440 for Parma, OH / 586 for Warren, MI / 716 for Buffalo, NY / 734 for Ann Arbor, MI / 810 for Flint, MI / 814 for Erie, PA / 819, 873 for Sherbrooke, QC and 989 for Saginaw, MI

Landline v/s Wireless Ratio:

Landline holds a major share of 76% whereas a 24% share is with the wireless.

Assigned v/s Non-Assigned Ratio:

There are only 2% are available to be assigned and 98% are already assigned.

This area code emerged from the various parts of other area codes for delineating the Brantford from other areas. With time and an increase in population in the surrounding areas, the other overlay codes have also been assigned to this area code. Since this belongs to one of the quickest growing cities in Canada, the demand in the new numbers also increased rapidly.

The whole purpose of introducing new area codes was to solve the looming new phone number shortage that the Brantford area was unable to cater to on its own.

There are old businesses that are existed for years and are still using the old area code. However, new businesses are now required to use the new area code as a mandate. This is where the problem lies. If an old business wants to add new numbers, they need to be added with new area codes only.

Now when a customer sees this, he would guess the numbers are associated with the same business house and this scenario might cause disadvantages to businesses.

These three area codes (519, 226, and 548) collectively cover a huge area of over 36 thousand square km with no individual municipality having control over the majority of its numbers. Some might say that they could have introduced area code 226 without breaking the seven-digit dialing system but this was however required as new numbers needed to be issued in a specific pattern. For example, if there was a number 519-343-2222 in the city of Windsor, they also needed to issue another number 226-343-2222 in the city of London and hence ten-digit system was mandated.