to Present ‘”Domain Dialing”, Free service for Smartphones

ICANN Conference To Feature “Domain DIALING”, A New Concept in Communication Via Smartphone

Singapore meeting June 19-24 to feature Siter, other leaders in Internet management and development

The future of the Internet will become clearer when the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) meets in Singapore June 19-24 to review the latest developments in domain names, website registration and the technical aspects of coordinating IP addresses. Among the more intriguing capabilities to be presented at the conference is “domain dialing”, a free service for smartphones designed by, a Brazil-based app designer.

Using Siter’s mobile app, Android, iPhone and Blackberry users can automatically “dial” a domain name rather than struggling through pages and pages of content searching for a phone number. The program calls from a collection of more than 26 million assigned phone numbers worldwide and suggests a number to call based on that company’s web address. Users looking to contact their local Target store, for example, need only type into the Siter program for a list of the best phone numbers based on proximity to their current location. The service works in 11 languages, and is robust in Brazil and growing in the United States and other countries.

“The free tool makes domain names even more valuable, and smartphones more useful,” said Ricardo Vaz Monteiro, chief operating officer of Siter. “We look forward to hearing from ICANN participants all the ways this concept could benefit in better connecting with customers and clients.”

Several other issues regarding domain names are also expected to be among the hot topics at the quarterly conference. ICANN is discussing opening up Top-Level Domains (TLDs) beyond the traditional options such as .com or .net to include vanity options such as .ebay or generic terms such as .music. Also expected to be discussed is the migration to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) from IPv4, which will alleviate the risk of running out of IP addresses.

Hundreds of technology officers, corporate leaders and Internet experts are expected to travel to Singapore for the conference to review the latest advances in managing the assignment of domain names and ensuring that companies can make the most of those URLs.

More information on the ICANN conference is available at More information on Siter is available at

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