ADTI and Texas A&M University Develop High Performance Antenna Arrays from 2 GHz to 40 GHz SATCOM and Wideband Military Radar Systems at X-band and Ku-band

Advanced Defense Technologies (ADTI) Launches High Performance Antenna Arrays Protype Program for SATCOM and Military Radar Systems

Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. (“ADTI”) (Pinksheets:ADCF – News), a developer of breakthrough technologies for military defense, homeland security and commercial communications systems announced today the Company (ADTI) in collaboration with Texas A&M University has designed and developed high performance antenna arrays from 2 GHz to 40 GHz. These antenna designs are being modified and optimized to meet the specific operating frequency band and the gain requirements of SATCOM and wideband military radar systems at X-band and Ku-band. The new prototype antennas will be ready for testing in a couple of months.

The ADTI planar antennas operating over multiple frequency bands can also be modified and optimized for applications including GSM, WCDMA and WLAN. ADTI’s broadband antennas are the newest generation of antennas that have the attractive features, such as low profile, light-weight, low cost and ease of integration with other circuits and subsystems making them ideal components of wireless devices, radar detection systems and modern communications systems.

High performance, low profile antennas have become almost indispensable for tactical military operations and battle field communication systems. Wideband planar array antennas are also important for Wideband RF communications systems and Mobile Communications.

According to new technical research report “ANTENNAS FOR SYSTEMS AND DEVICES: TECHNOLOGIES AND GLOBAL MARKETS (IFT0737A)” the global market value of antenna for systems and devices will increase to more than $13.3 billion in 2014.

Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. (“ADTI”) develops new breakthrough technologies for military defense, homeland security and commercial communications systems. The Company’s microwave/millimeter-wave circuits, subsystems and the system designs developed under SBIR Programs with Government Agencies including NASA, DARPA, a prestigious defense contractor (Phillips Labs), and the US Military (USAF, ARMY, NAVY and MDA) are providing the solutions to the current issues of high cost, high power dissipation, size, weight and system complexity. The major technology innovations include: multi-beam, multi-band phased array antenna systems, T/R modules, diplexer/multiplexer networks, transceivers, electronically steered antennas (ESA), wideband RF antenna systems for high data rate multi-point communications, mobile communications and wideband radar systems.

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