Powerwave Introduces the New Active Array Antenna and Remote Radio Head with 65MHz of Instantaneous Bandwidth

Powerwave Debuts New Active Array Antenna and Remote Radio Head That Expand Wireless Network Coverage and Deliver First-Class User Experience in North America

New broadband radio antenna integrates antenna and basestation radio for 100 percent coverage improvement; new remote radio head features 65MHz of instantaneous bandwidth for full band operation

Powerwave Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:PWAV – News), a global leader in advanced wireless solutions, introduced today the new Powerwave Active Array Antenna and Powerwave Remote Radio Head with 65MHz of instantaneous bandwidth to help carriers build 4G networks with the maximum range and frequency flexibility possible.

The Active Array Antenna and 65MHz Remote Radio Head (RRH) both make their North American debut at CTIA WIRELESS 2011 (March 22-24 in Orlando, FL) at booth #2459. They are key additions to Powerwave’s Inside Out Solutions™ network strategy, which is designed to provide ubiquitous mobile broadband coverage both inside buildings and outdoors in large venues.

“The exploding demand for mobile Internet is driving carriers to rethink everything from revenue models to rebuilding their networks to get to 4G,” said Khurram Sheikh, chief technical officer at Powerwave. “These new products were designed to help carriers evolve to 4G in a way the addresses this new paradigm. From the expanded range and decreased power draw of the Active Array Antenna to the instantaneous re-tuning of the 65MHz RRH, carriers now have more flexibility and lower operations costs than before.”

Active Array Antenna

The Active Array Antenna combines Powerwave’s award-winning remote radio head and antenna technologies into a single integrated design with a 3dB – 5dB link budget that increases a basestation’s coverage radius by 100 percent over non-integrated antennas. The integrated design also reduces power consumption by 40 percent, making the antenna a much more cost-effective alternative. The antenna’s compact design has the same height, width and front windloading as a conventional antenna, enabling like-for-like swapping of existing tower infrastructure.

The Active Array Antenna is a total RF solution integrated into a single radome containing all the subsystems necessary to deploy the complete 3G or 4G RF subsystem up the tower in frequency bands from 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz. These include wideband world radio transceiver, power amplifier with advanced DPD and CFR algorithms, integrated filter and duplexer, low noise amplifier (LNA) and cross-polarized antenna with the greatest gain per unit length. The antenna supports a wide variety of protocols, including CDMA, WCDMA, HSPA+, WiMAX™ and LTE®.

Remote Radio Head with 65MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth

The instantaneous bandwidth capability of the 65MHz RRH eliminates the need to either tune the product or deploy multiple radio heads to cover different frequency bands. This gives wireless operators the flexibility to deploy a single radio head and configure it via software for a variety of carrier configurations and technologies without having to physically revisit the cell site.

Designed for 3G or 4G networks operating in 700 MHz to 2700 MHz bands, the 65MHz RRH’s integrated software-defined radio allows for simultaneous operation of independent protocols, providing seamless migration of legacy 3G networks to LTE. The small and lightweight form factor coupled with a fiber fed structure enables rapid installation and remote management. The 65MHz RRH can be tower or rooftop mounted, supporting an extensive combination of carrier configurations.

The 65MHz RRH provides wideband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) multi-mode capability with power levels ranging from 10W through 50W per transmit path in combinations of 2T2R, 2T4R and 4T4R. It is capable of supporting virtually endless combinations of HSDPA, EV-DO, WiMAX™, and LTE air interfaces simultaneously.

About Powerwave Technologies

A global leader in advanced wireless solutions, Powerwave Technologies, Inc. offers cutting edge wireless infrastructure to address the demands of enterprise and commercial customers. Powerwave offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including antennas, base station solutions and coverage solutions. Powerwave’s product line supports all wireless network protocols and frequencies including next generation networks in 4G technologies such as WiMAX™ and LTE®. Powerwave solutions, products and services also help wireless operators and OEMs reduce capital and operating expenses, speed rollout of services, improve coverage and capacity, and reduce environmental impact. For more information, visit us at www.powerwave.com.

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