Ralink Announces RT5350, the World’s First 802.11n Router-on-a-Chip for Emerging WLAN AP/Router

Ralink First to Offer Per-Packet Antenna Diversity Technology in World’s Smallest and Most Integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi Router-on-a-Chip

Ralink’s RT5350 provides better option for emerging WLAN AP/Router designs to significantly extend Wi-Fi efficiency

Ralink Technology Corporation (TAIEX 3534, Ralink), a leading developer of high performance wired and wireless networking solutions, today announced the world’s first 802.11n router-on-a-chip to include per-packet antenna diversity technology. With MIPS CPU, 5 port 10/100 Ethernet MAC/PHY, PMU, radio, baseband and power amplifiers all contained on a single die, Ralink’s new RT5350 delivers the high performance, smaller size and attractive pricing required for integration into today’s high volume router, broadband connectivity, and consumer electronics products.

“Ralink’s unique receive diversity algorithm intelligently chooses the best antenna on a per packet basis, resulting in optimal performance even in rapidly changing environments. This level of sophistication allows our products to maintain excellent performance even as the wireless landscape becomes more crowded,” said Shinglin Chung, senior director of Consumer Solution Business Unit at D-Link Corporation.

The RT5350 router-on-a-chip includes an 802.11n media access controller (MAC) and baseband, a 2.4GHz radio and FEM, a 360 MHz MIPS® 24K™ CPU core, and a 5-port 10/100 Ethernet MAC/PHY. The RT5350 requires fewer components and includes almost everything needed to build an AP router from a single chip. The embedded chip level per-packet antenna diversity function enhances load balance and coverage. These results in almost 40 percent faster WLAN throughput over range compared to conventional 1×1 single antenna competing solutions in a multiple-client environment. The USB port can be configured to access external storage for Digital Home applications. In addition, the RT5350 has multiple hardware interfaces (SPI/PCM/I2S/I2C/UART/GDMA) to enable interoperability with many possible applications. Moreover, it features a configurable boot clock rate to prevent 3G, LTE frequency interference.

“The new RT5350 provides the optimal solution for customers aiming to capitalize on the growing market for high-performance yet cost effective WLAN chips. This chip is easy to integrate, and provide performance and flexibility that meet today’s market demand for small, inexpensive yet high-performance devices. Our latest offerings allow manufacturers to get their products to market quickly while also ensuring the optimal balance between cost and performance,” said David Borison, vice president of Marketing at Ralink Technology.

The RT5350 is sampling now and available in high-volume production quantities by this quarter.

About Ralink Technology

Ralink Technology Corporation is a leading innovator and developer in the wireless home networking and broadband access semiconductor markets. Ralink products are recognized for their superior throughput, extended range, low-power consumption, and reliability. Ralink’s patented Optilink™ technology extends Wi-Fi applications from traditional PC networking to a range of digital multimedia and handheld devices including cell phones, PDAs, cameras, print servers, HDTV, video game players and xDSL gateways. Ralink Technology was founded in 2001 with headquarters in HsinChu, Taiwan, R&D centers in Cupertino, California & Suzhou, China, and sales offices in China, Europe, Japan.

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