SURF Communication Solutions Launches SURFAce-812 (E1/T1 PCIe) Multimedia Communications Board

SURF Launches SURFAce-812-E1/T1 PCIe Multimedia Communications Blade

Voice & video processing, transcoding & signaling – all on a single board

SURF Communication Solutions (, a leading developer of high capacity, real-time multimedia processing solutions for the telecommunications industry, today announced the launch of their SURFAce-812 (E1/T1 PCIe) multimedia communications board.

The only ‘all-in-one’ multimedia solution on the market today, SURFAce-812 delivers data, voice and video processing as well as transcoding and E1/T1 ISDN PRI signaling on a single board. This comprehensive media processing solution offers up to 8 x E1/T1 interfaces on a single PCIe board affording ultra-high capacity without the need for an external interface card or external transcoder.

Niv Kagan, Director of Product Management explained, “We recognized the need for a cost-effective multimedia communication solution that combined media processing and signaling on one board. SURFAce-812 is ideal for value added services that use PSTN connectivity. Since vendors can also deliver voice and video services for IP based networks using the same card and same interfaces, they need only invest once to receive a solution that can address both their current needs and those in the future.”

Udi Shani, President & CEO of SURF commented, “Video communications are expected to account for 64% of the world’s mobile traffic by 2013 according to the Cisco (2009-2014) VNI Forecast. Video calling, video conferencing and interactive voice & video (IVVR) call centers are just a sample of the next gen communication services users will soon consider the norm. At SURF, we anticipated the progress in multimedia communications and set to work to create a cost-effective solution that would meet vendor’s needs not only today but for tomorrow’s developments as well.”

Mr. Shani continued, “SURF Communication Solutions has recently undergone a new branding designed to reflect our commitment to remaining innovative, current and at the forefront of the telecommunications industry. Our new website reflects these changes and the new domain – makes it easier to find SURF. At the core of these changes remain cutting-edge products, like the SURFAce-812, innovative technology and a strong commitment to our customers and partners.”

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About SURF Communication Solutions (

SURF Communication Solutions (SURF) is an industry leader in high-capacity processing solutions for real-time multimedia communication systems and applications. Since 1996, SURF’s products have delivered the integral technology behind many of the leading vendor’s multimedia servers and gateways and have been deployed to operators and service providers worldwide. SURF-powered multimedia applications are delivering next-gen services to millions of end-users every day. SURF is ideally positioned to stimulate change in the way we communicate. The video-ready SURF engine is a fully converged multimedia processing subsystem available in various form factors or DSP chips affording unmatched density and optimal performance.

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