Orange Business Services Launches a New Innovative Maritime Satellite Service

Orange Business Services Enhances Satellite Solution Portfolio

New Orange Maritime Satellite Service Transforms Maritime Communications

Orange Business Services has enhanced its satellite solution portfolio by launching a new, innovative Maritime Satellite Service, upgrading technology and providing customers access to a next-generation satellite network management system.

Satellite Service Differentiators

Unlike other providers, Orange Business Services integrates satellite and terrestrial services, enabling customers to mix all types of access so that any site on land or sea can be connected directly to a secure IP VPN. These satellite services are designed specifically for the converged IP environment, supporting service level agreements for all five classes of service, including guarantees for real-time voice and video, to any location served by satellite including remote locations and ships moving across oceans. In addition, Orange is the only global communications operator that installs and maintains high-speed, complex satellite networks virtually anywhere in the world using its own specially trained Field Services staff.

New Maritime Satellite Service

As part of its satellite services strategy, Orange Business Services has launched Maritime Satellite Service, transforming maritime communications by fully integrating its satellite solution with Business VPN, the fully managed IP VPN solution from Orange Business Services. This satellite service provides real-time broadband services to vessels wherever they are. To support this service, Orange Business Services recently signed an agreement with C2SAT for maritime VSAT antenna systems that will provide reliable, high quality satellite communication even in challenging weather conditions. The 4-axis VSAT solution designed by C2SAT provides better performance and availability by allowing the RF equipment to move freely and to maintain an optimal position toward the satellite without large and sudden movements. In addition, the 4-axis system does not experience dead angles that result in high-elevation problems typically experienced with 3-axis antennas.

The Maritime Satellite Service from Orange Business Services enables shipping and transport companies to access all applications critical to vessel operations as well as databases hosted at headquarters. Additionally, by providing Internet browsing, e-mail, video and telephone services, the new maritime satellite service also helps companies attract and retain critical staff and crewmembers.

Technology Upgrade Brings Bandwidth Efficiencies

To support its overall satellite strategy, Orange Business Services has improved its satellite solution by upgrading to DVB-S2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite – Second Generation) technology provided by iDirect’s new Evolution platform. DVB-S2 is a second generation standard delivering optimum satellite transmission and reception of digital content. Specifically, DVB-S2 allows Orange Business Services to combat the satellite bandwidth shortage in some areas of the world by using the available bandwidth in a more efficient way while maintaining the demanding service level agreements that customers require.

Integrated Satellite Network Management System

Orange Business Services also is announcing a new, next-generation satellite network management system for our clients who need more direct performance monitoring of their satellite links. This new functionality will be available through My Service Space, the new enterprise customer portal from Orange, and is based on SatManage software from Parallel.

About Orange

Orange is the key brand of France Telecom, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. With 126 million customers, the Orange brand now covers Internet, television and mobile services in the majority of countries where the Group operates. At the end of 2008, France Telecom had consolidated sales of 53.5 billion euros (38.1 billion euros for the first nine months of 2009) and at Sept. 30, 2009, the Group had a customer base of 190 million customers in 32 countries. These include 128.8 million mobile customers and 13.4 million broadband Internet (ADSL) customers worldwide. Orange is the number three mobile operator and the number two provider of broadband Internet services in Europe and, under the brand Orange Business Services, is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunications services to multinational companies.

The Group’s strategy, which is characterized by a strong focus on innovation, convergence and effective cost management, aims to establish Orange as an integrated operator and benchmark for new telecommunications services in Europe. Today the Group remains focused on its core activities as a network operator, while working to develop its position in new growth activities. To meet customer expectations, the Group strives to provide products and services that are simple and user-friendly, while maintaining a sustainable and responsible business model that can be adapted to the requirements of a fast-paced and changing eco-system.

France Telecom (NYSE:FTE – News) is listed on Euronext Paris (compartment A) and on the New York Stock Exchange.

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