Purple Communications Announces P3 Optimized Purple Netbook, an All-in-One Communications Device Specifically for Deaf Community


The P3 Optimized Purple Netbook
(Photo: Purple)

Press Release:

Purple(TM) Launches The P3 Optimized Purple Netbook, Delivering All-In-One Mobile Communications, For People Who Are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

P3(TM) Optimized Purple Netbook(TM) Blends Windows Computing, Videophone Communication, Video and Text Relay, and Easy Internet Access

NOVATO, Calif., Purple Communications(TM), Inc. (“Purple”) (Nasdaq: PRPL – News), one of the nation’s leading providers of text and video relay and on-site interpreting services, today announced the P3 optimized Purple Netbook, an all-in-one communications device designed specifically for the Deaf Community. Purple’s P3 software is a free software application that enables the Purple Netbook to blend quick and easy video relay service (VRS) and text relay service (TRS) access, with the power of an Internet-enabled, Windows® laptop. The P3 optimized Purple Netbook also includes a built-in webcam, WiFi, and productivity software, all in a space the size of a hardback book.

“The P3 optimized Purple Netbook is another commitment Purple is making to redefine mobile communication within the Deaf Community,” said Dan Luis, Chief Executive Officer of Purple Communications. “We have a proud history of innovation in this market and are committed to providing choices that complement the lifestyle of our customers. The P3 optimized Purple Netbook is just one of several options we will be releasing this year.”

“The P3 optimized Purple Netbook offers all-in-one communication, in a compact package, adding substantial flexibility to the traditional videophone,” said Russ Albright, Purple Communications’ Vice President of Product Design and Development. “This device provides an excellent video experience and gives our customers a reliable new option to access our services wherever it is convenient.”

P3 Software: Communication Software Designed For The Deaf Community

Purple’s P3 software is the Company’s revolutionary new software platform and is included on every Purple Netbook for free. P3 software combines VRS, TRS, point-to-point video calling, Internet access, and a host of call tools, which together make it quick for users to make or receive virtually any kind of call right from the Netbook.

VRS and Point-to-Point with Text Chat. P3 software offers one-click access to VRS and point-to-point video calls on wired or wireless WiFi connections. Its integrated ‘Text Chat’, offers a quick communication with the video interpreter, making it easy to provide credit card numbers or addresses without finger spelling. Purple Netbook’s built-in video camera is optimized to deliver an equally clear picture on Hands On VRS® calls and point-to-point video calls, offering users an outstanding mobile video experience.

Address Book. P3 software includes a shared address book, so users make most calls with a single click, whether those calls are to IP addresses or local 10-digit numbers.

Text Relay Built-In. P3 software’s built-in access to i711® and IP-Relay(TM) text relay, combined with the software’s shared address book, deliver one-click call convenience for text relay calls. Users can customize text relay calls by greeting, call assistant gender, or language preference.

Local Numbers, Purple Mail, and Call History. Receiving calls through the P3 software application on the Netbook is as easy as making calls, because every Purple Netbook includes a local 10-digit number. Hearing callers dial a Purple Netbook user’s number directly and are automatically connected with them through Hands On VRS. If the call isn’t picked up, the caller can leave a Purple Mail message in ASL through the video interpreter. Users can view Purple Mail messages using the Purple Netbook or from any computer with Internet access and a browser. Finally, P3 software offers a comprehensive call history, listing outbound calls, and all inbound calls noting which were answered and which were missed.

The Purple Netbook: All-in-one Computing, Compact Convenience

Purple’s P3 software runs on the Purple Netbook, a Windows XP laptop from Purple that is just over an inch thick, and weighs less than three pounds. At about 6 by 9 inches, the Purple Netbook is sleek and compact and includes all the features users need for a fantastic all-in-one computing, communication experience.

The Purple Netbook’s built-in webcam, Ethernet and WiFi Internet access, and its pre-installed AOL Instant Messenger®, productivity software, and browser make it as ideal for ‘office tasks’ and web browsing as it is for video and text relay communication.

“The P3 optimized Purple Netbook is fast and efficient and keeps me connected wherever I go. It’s perfect for me!,” said Purple customer Tate Tullier, a professional Photographer. “It’s everything I need when I am out and about and fits discreetly in my bag.”

Pricing and Availability

Purple’s P3 software is free and ships with every P3 optimized Purple Netbook, which is now available for purchase. Visit www.purple.us/purplenetbook for more information as well as pricing details for the Purple Netbook.

About Purple Communications

Purple Communications is a leading provider of onsite interpreting services, video relay and text relay services, and video remote interpreting, offering a wide array of options designed to meet the varied communication needs of its customers. The Company’s vision is to enable free-flowing communication between people, inclusive of differences in abilities, languages, or locations. For more information on the Company or its services, visit www.purple.us or contact Purple Communications directly by voice at 415-408-2300, by Internet relay by visiting www.i711.com or www.ip-relay.com, or by video phone by connecting to hovrs.tv.

To view this press release in video format please click here: http://www.purple.us/purplenetbook/PressReleaseVBlog.php

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