MacroSolve Launches digiTICKET, an Electronic Ticketing Mobile Solution to Improve Safety and Decrease Waste Throughput

Press Release:

MacroSolve Launches digiTICKET – an Electronic Ticketing Mobile Solution

Implementing Mobile Technology to Increase Productivity and Police Officer Safety

TULSA, Okla. MacroSolve, Inc., (OTCBB:MCVE – News), parent company of Anyware Mobile Solutions, announced today the launch of its latest product – digiTICKET™. digiTICKET is an electronic ticketing mobile solution that has been implemented by the City of Sand Springs Police Department and is being considered by several other municipalities and sheriff’s departments. digiTICKET dramatically reduces the time required to issue and manage citations, while significantly improving officer safety and decreasing waste throughout the entire ticket writing process.

Anyware’s proprietary digiTICKET software allows officers to scan a drivers license barcode using a rugged mobile computer and automatically capture the defendant’s data in the electronic ticket. The officer can enter multiple violations and capture the defendant’s signature on the mobile computer, all in a fraction of the time required to write violations on five-part paper tickets. Using a wireless connection, the information can be sent in near real-time to the city’s records management systems. This eliminates manual data entry and allows quick access to ticket information by court clerks and other department officials. Tickets are printed at the site of the violation using a rugged, thermal printer with a Bluetooth connection to the mobile computer. Efficiency gains and increased revenues can be realized through the elimination of unreadable tickets and manual keying of ticket data by court clerks.

Officer safety is another benefit of digiTICKET. In 2008, the leading cause of death among U.S. police officers was vehicle related. digiTICKET reduces the amount of time required to issue tickets, significantly decreasing the time an officer is standing roadside where they are exposed to unnecessary risk.

“We are really excited to introduce this mobile solution at a time when municipalities are facing tighter budgets and seeking effective ways to do more with less. We’ve seen significant interest in digiTICKET. It’s a straight forward, cost-effective solution that eliminates waste inherent in paper-based processes,” stated MacroSolve President and CEO Clint Parr. “MacroSolve is committed to continuing to design and launch new products that unlock the potential of mobility for users.”

About MacroSolve

MacroSolve, Inc. (OTCBB:MCVE – News) is a pioneer in delivering mobile solutions to businesses. Founded in 1997, the company has an extensive network including the top name brands in wireless hardware and software as well as carriers. MacroSolve’s mission is to deliver innovative strategies that bring the buyers and sellers of mobile technologies together in a way that creates bottom-line benefits to all participants in its growing $100 billion target market. The company operates through its subsidiaries including Anyware Mobile Solutions. For more information, visit or call 800-401-8740.

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